Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Year of Themes - Week 3 - Glitter

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Week 4 Theme

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Outfitghee Pink Glam It Gown SLURL
Jewelry.aisling. LadyOfHighgarden - NECKLACE ( Gold )SLURL
Hairavailable at The Secret Affair SLURL
Pose//elephante poses// Feel The MagicSLURL
SimTimeless MemoriesSLURL

Next Weeks Theme

Glitter! I love glitter. it sparkles and is just magical. As I have been preforming as a fairy at Renaissance faires for the past 6 years I am well versed in it as well. And how much kids love it.

And I have heard every derogatory term for it in the book and I am very sick of them all. And yes I know about the ship your enemies glitter page as well. It's been shut it down as they got way to many orders and they are now trying to sell the site.

Finding just the right glittery dress for this week was harder then I thought. The shimmer of glitter is hard to get across in SL. Materials is making it easier but not a large amount of dress makers are using it. BUT I had this dress by Ghee that has an animated sparkle overlay and it was perfect. Paired it with a fabulous new hair with the crystals built into it , and a necklace from Aisling, who makes magical jewelry, and I had my look!

The sim was harder as I did not want to find a blingy glitter sim. But the destination guide had a nice wintry watersim on it and I went there.

Timeless Memories is a lovely calm sim. Lots of pastel trees and various things scattered about. I didn't find any hidden doors to sky boxes like some water sims have though. And I think i will check back on the sim again later as it was still kinda Christmas uped. See what it looks like in the spring. I bet its lovely.

All my photos

Friday, January 16, 2015


And here we go with the second of my Bi monthly posts featuring one of deviousMind/chanimations SugarRush or FruitFetish poses sets *SLURL*

Since I started with SugarRush we now go into FruitFetish Here is


Again I'm using the photo boxes that come with each set for the shoots.

As for the other credits

Tee*fy Abbey Highwaist Bleached Denim Shorts Marketplace
erratic / amber - tie-up shirt / pink colorblock SLURL
Hair .ploom. Meep SLURL

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Year of Themes - Week 3 - Pink!

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Week 3 Theme

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OutfitWinter Faerie ~SUGAR~ Outfit by Caverna Obscura SLURL
HairExile::Sugar High SLURL
Jewelry*C:K* Wonderful Sakura NecklaceSLURL
PoseSecret Body - Frame Pose (Baby Pink)Marketplace
SimThe Pink Dragon ~ Candyland SLURL

Next Weeks Theme

As January is my Birthday month all month the themes are things I like most. Pink is my all time favorite color.

Pink, to me is just the most happy color. It's full of innocence and sweetness and fun. But also can be sexy and sultry if you want it to be. A far more versatile color with all its different shades and meanings then people initially  think it is.

 It took me FOREVER to chose just which pink outfit to wear for this one. I have more pink then anything. I settled on a outfit by Caverna Obscura, another of my favorite stores, that makes me think of frosting and fun times.

 For the sim to explore for pink, I wanted to find something just adorable and sweet and PINK. And with Pangloss having vanished into the mist it took some searching. But I found it in a new sim called Pink Dragon. It's a light Rp sim and open to nearly all avatar types. I liked the candy land theme, it was done just well enough with out being overdone.

 All photos here

There are quite a few areas to explore, some private homes to rent out, and some place to play about at.

Do go give it a visit!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Strawberry's Yearbook Challenge

Here's my "yearbook" photo for Strawberry's Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge!

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Outfit~silentsparrow~(flora) Ribbon Tops Redux SLURL
Hair!Ohmai Salon: Callia SLURL
PoseIzzie's - Headshot PosesSLURL

Taken on my platform in Steelhead Nevermoor in front of a textured box.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Year of Themes - Week 2 -Birthdays!

It would seem I got the dates I plotted everything out on and the day of the week they happen on off by one. Since I wanted it to start on the first day of the new year I went with those dates. But those dates are on a Thursday and not a Wednesday like Is aid the challenge would be updated. So, its updating n Thursdays and not Wednesdays like previously said.

Week 2 Theme

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Outfit*EC* Chryseis Fairy SLURL
Hair!!Calico Creations!! EiraSLURL
Pose*{what next}Balloon Love Pose SetSLURL
SimWizardhat StudiosSLURL

Next Weeks Theme

Birthdays! Why did I pick birthdays for the second week? Well that's because Today is my 40th birthday for real and I am celebrating hard and all over the place. And to me, celebrating your birthday in part means wallowing in all the things you love. Also balloons, cake, and flowers. So I am doing so!

Just in time for my birthday one of my FAVORITE Second Life designers released a lovely new fairy dress for We <3 RP. I let out a loud YAY seeing Evie's new design and put it on as fast as I could manage! Paired it with one of my favorite hairs and found myself a lovely flower filled sim to explore !

The sim is called Wizardhat Studios but its a lovely nature filled sim

I love the lay out of the sim, with the beach, forest and mountains.. And while it LOOKS like it has a number of vistores, what it did, to save prims was load up some bots as various critters moving about the sim. and one tree ent! That may annoy some but I thought it very clever. Some of them are hard to spot when you roam. But seeing one out of the corner of the screen just adds to the realizim of the sim to me.

The sim has various pose items scattered about and tons of dance engines. So exploring it was fun to see what all I could find. And I am sure I missed a lot.

There are also two small castles on the grounds. Simple builds but pretty

I throughly enjoyed myself and do recommend a visit!

You can see all my photos from the sim here

Friday, January 2, 2015


And here we go with the first of my Bi monthly posts featuring one of deviousMind/chanimations SugarRush or FruitFetish poses sets *SLURL*

I had Adar pick which one I started with and he chose SugarRush.

Granted he had no idea what he was picking, I yelled at him "Banana split or Melons?" while he watched Tv in the living room. He picked banana and then I had to explain what he picked *laughs*

But here it is!

I'll be using the photo boxes that come with each set for the shoots.

As for the other credits

Outfit ::: B@R ::: Fairy of Freesia SLURL

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Year of Themes - Week 1 - Beginnings / New Years

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Week 1 Theme
Beginnings / New Years

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Outfit*EC* Sylfai Gown - Primrose SLURL
JewelryMaxi Gossamer - Mabon Night FlowerSLURL
Pose{NanTra} So it BeginsSLURL
Simvarious beginner areasSLURL in post

Next Weeks Theme

I, actually had a hard time deciding how I wanted to do my inaugural Year of Themes post. I finally chose to go with checking out the beginners experiences in Second Life. And wore clothing that represents newness.

The lovely white dress by Evie's Closet was chosen as white means purity and beginnings. A new slate, the start of things. the gown is lovely and I think it was from an event. So you may have to check her blog at for its location to buy.

All the photos I took.

For my exploration of begging in Second Life, I went over to a newly created Account that belongs to Turlocks Girlfriend and grabbed the SLURLS they gave her. Couldn't find a link to the VERY first place she logged in at, But I think that area may be blocked to an older account anyway.

I started at a Welcome Center SLURL There was not a lot to well, learn at it. Lots of people though, so perhaps they are there to help out newcomers.

Next off I went to one of the Public Help Islands SLURL.

I found this area slightly more useful to someone that may be trying to figure out how to work things in Second Life. More information and items. But at least this one seemed slightly outdated. Lots of new features are available now! And the freebie store had SYSTEM hair!

Clicking on an explore Second Life sign took me to a slightly confusing area that did have some more info, but it was closely packed in and well, confusing.

I left there and went to one of the many Orientation Islands Slurl

This I think is the place newcomers need to go through. It teaches you the basics you need to know, movement, clothing, building, talking. Most games have a "tutorial" mode when you start and Orientation areas are basically that. we need to bring them back into being THE first area newbies log into! It's such a useful tool to have!

When I left that area I was taken to a linden chalet which had some fun activities. But I think what a beginner to Second Life needs, besides the Orientation island experience, is told about the destination guide and all the great sims it lists. So you can see Second Life in its true beauty and experience it proper.

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2015! May you be a grand and glorious year!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

2015 will be different around this blog!

For two reasons!

Apparently I NEED that weekly blog challenge to make a weekly post! So on the 1st I will be starting up a new "52 weeks of" deal.

Only it's not going to be colors! It will be a different theme a week. I feel this allows for much more creative expression and exploration of the theme then a color. I loved doing the colors but matching them each week got so frustrating at times. I'm excited about this new idea! And actually since I will start on the 1st of January and end on the 31st of December, 2015 has 53 weeks to work with! Yes posting it on Thursday due to my performance schedule for various Renaissance faires and events taking me out of state many a weekend.

How will this work? Look at the theme of the week decide how you want to express it, be it with clothing, pose, a sim you visit, or all of the above. What ever you like and suits your blogging style best. Make a blog post and show off how you worked the theme! I matched many themes to events going on either in Real Life or In world, such as holidays or RFL. Which also means the list is subject to change as I don't have a few dates of events yet. But if a creator wants the list I will still give it out! :)

I am looking forwards to this challenge as I think it will be lots of fun for me and anyone else that wishes to join in. Spread the news!

Flickr Group for the Challenge
Oh and the first weeks theme

Week 1 January 1st
Beginnings / New Years

Also exclusively to my blog..

I picked up both of Chanimations' calender post packs, SugarRush and FruitFetish. Every other week I will use one and post it for that month! I am also looking forwards to this as getting the costuming right for each pose will be such a challenge for me.

I also hope to play catch up on some of Berry’s Blog Challenges but no promises on that.

And just to add a photo to this post..

I am looking forwards to getting back into the swing of blogging and at seeing if anyone joins in. It just got so easy for me to NOT post when I had no weekly challenge to do.