Friday, April 18, 2014

The Four Elements

This is a photo shoot theme I've been sitting on a while and last night got off my tail and did it.

A while back Boudoir released some fabulous outfits each themed to one of the four classical Elements, Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. I took them, paired them with poses from LostAngel Industries Elemental pose props and took myself off to a skybox for the shoot. I chose to just use a simple textured background on each one to make the pose and outfit be the stand out.

Slurl to Boudoir

Slurl to LostAngel Industries

These are all taken in-world with the only post processing done was cropping. No touching up no effects. Just fun with windlighting!


posed used [LA] WIND

Click for bigger

Air is my fav of all four shots. I just love how it looks like I blended myself into the clouds but nope, that's all in world!


posed used [LA] Enchanting Siren

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I didn't like any of the Earth items, they where all to small or got lost in the outfit so I used a water based pose for Earth.


posed used [LA] The Seven Elements: Fire

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I love the dragon in my hair for this outfit. And the ring of fire pose was just perfect.


posed used [LA] Undersea Treasure

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Water is my second fav shot. And I wish I could show the animation on the skit of this outfit, it shimmers like the sun on the water.

I loved doing this theme shoot, I should look into doing more of them!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


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Outfit !dM deviousMind "Lady Margaery" **PINK**SLURL
outfitAvailable at the Secret AffairSLURL
Jewelry.aisling. Lady Of Highgarden, gold SLURL
JewelryGatcha items available at the Secret AffairSLURL
Hair!!Calico Creations!! ElisaSLURL
PoseKirin Poses - Sakura Pose PackSLURL

I spent way to much time and lindens getting that head dress. It's the ultra rare and boy howdy is it ULTRA rare. I need to figure out if I can remove the eye thing as it doesn't QUIITEEEE work on my face.

If you haven't yet and like the TV show Game of Thrones or the Books the show is based on get to the Secret Affair! So much pretty even if you're not a fan! I picked up a number of stunning gowns.

There are in fact quite a few events this month that are worth a drop by! Far to many for me to list.

My sim of choice for my return is a stunning water sim I saw on a blog, that I now don't remember whose it was. It's a very relaxing and charming place to explore, with many remnants of the Worlds End Garden in it.

It's called Paradiso, and a must go if you need a soothing get away from all the crazy shopping events going on.

I loved the candles floating about on the water the best.

Click to see bigger

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There is also a lovely teahouse in a skybox that you get to via an anywhere door at the landing point.

Click to see bigger

You can see all my photos of Paradiso at this link here

Friday, April 11, 2014


I have the greatest roommate EVER in Turlock. He got me the ram I needed and now SL works wonderfully!

I will start with proper posts again next week. In a sewing crunch right now but I had to announce I am BACK.

The post will detail what i have on in the above image and the sim I am at.

Also I am SUPER pleased to announce that I am once again an official Blogger for Fantasy Faire!

Which is the big reason Turlock got me that needed ram!

So YAY all around! I am so excited to be able to explore Secondlife again and to Blog the fabulous Relay for Life Event that is Fantasy Faire!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sixth Rez day!

Six years in Secondlife, Starting the 7th one now. So much happened last year, Blogging challenges, Relay, and a myriad of other things. Was a grand year!

This year, not looking good atm, not till I get more Ram. Still having issues with out it. I really miss blogging and exploring but with the way Secondlife is behaving these days I just need to ram up badly. Hopefully soon, I have Fantasy Faire to blog at the End of April after all!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Why I haven't been posting

I developed a really super bad case of Bronchitis. It's going on for WEEKS and I've been to the doctors several times for it. It's just an UGH horribly lingering strain of it. It, or side effects from it like pulling muscles from coughing, have made me miss so many things this year so far.  I am so tired of being sick and tired!  I even managed to pop blood vessels in my eyes from coughing so hard! It was scary looking.

So I've barely managed to do much of anything let alone feeling up to Secondlife and Blogging!

I am thankfully on the mend and doing better, Just in time to have a jam packed week this week with Oklahoma Renaissance Faire Academies and the wedding of one of my Best freidns. I'm Matron of Honor!

Hoping to getting back into blogging after this weekend. I do miss it and exploring Secondlife!

Relay Season has Started as well.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I took myself an unannounced short break at the start of the month that lasted longer then I meant it too!

I'm still having the viewer locking up issues I have been since the new graphics card. I am awaiting the new memory to see if that fixes it. There was a mix up with what type I needed or I would have known by now. I really hope I can get the issue fixed with out going back to the old card or having to buy a new one. I miss being able to explore!

I shall now do some cleaning out of photo links!

Which mostly consists of links to Relay for life 2013..maybe THIS year I'll get a post made about Relay weekend like, shortly after Relay happens when all that happened is fresh in my mind! I just get so exhausted! SO very worth it though.

Relay for Life 2013 Shots taking during the Relay itself.

The rest of the links are pretty self explanatory.

Relay for Life 2013 - half of the builds before Relay day

Relay for Life 2013 - half of the builds After Relay day

Relay for Life 2013 - off the track after Relay Day

Steelhead's 2013 Relay for Life Build

We raised a total of $393,000 USD during last years Relay season. And we broke the 2 million USD mark for funs raised since Relay for Life of Secondlife Started!

Steelhead random part I have no idea

During the Secondlife 10th Birthday Celebrations there was a thing going around where you took a photo of yourself how you looked on your rez day along side how you look now. By way of someone offering them as freebies also during the celebration I managed to get a hold of the avatar I logged in with my first time. The one I affectionately call the lemur hooker. And took a shot. I also did one with my first ME look that my longest internet friend ever put together for me.

Here they are, needless to say these took QUITE a bit of photo manipulating on my end! WIIINGGSSS. And I think I had on the wrong first hair for the second outfit...

And that is my update for now! I hope to be able to blog some Hopscotch items soon.